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  1902.4. Founded as Kanagawa prefectural Third junior high school
  1931.1. The school song was established
  1948.4. Renamed Kanagawa prefectural Atsugi high school
  1952.10. 50th anniversary
  2002.11. 100th anniversary
  2010.4. Authorized as the advanced high school with an emphasis on academic achievement
  2012.9. 110th anniversary
  2013.4. Authorized as Super Science High school by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
  2018.4. Authorized as the advenced high school with an emphasis on academic achievement

The features of Atsugi high school

   The lessons for cultivating the ability of thought, judgment, expression of students
   The lessons with speed
   The lessons with advanced contents

 Super Science High School(For more information)
   We have the lessons with investigation activities for every student in all grades.
   We have presentation activities twice a year. In the end of the final semester, all students in first and second grade give
  presentations in English.

 Counseling for the choice of universities
   The students think about the way to be, the way to live as a human through counseling for the choice of universities.

 Intelligence, kindness, courage
   We hope the students grow up not only with intelligence, but also with kindness and courage through school events and
  club activities.


School Curriculum is here.