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About "SSH"

What is "SSH?"

SSH is a national project for development of international human resorces in scientific fields. Atsugi High School has been selected to take part in SSH since 2013.

The effort as Super Science High school

We encourage the students to advance their science literacy and create a sustainable developing society as international leaders in the future.


VERITAS – lessons for investigation activities

VERITAS is lesson which lets the students have activities for investigation.
VERITAS is a Latin word meaning "truth."

VERITAS I Students learn to investigate and make presentations in English.
VERITAS II Students investigate their own scientific problems.
VERITAS III Scientific class students investigate their own scientific problems. Humanity class students learn to write their statement in English.

Presentation activities

We have presentation activities twice a year. In the end of the final semester, all students in first and second grade give presentations in English, including question and answer section.

Super Science Laboratory

Super Science Laboratory is a kind of a club activity. The club members study science through scientific experiments with the help of some university professors and students.
They participate in some science contests and work on fieldworks in Iriomote-Island.

The visiting professors for Atsugi super science high school.

The Chairperson

  Prof. Ken EBISAWA - Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Dr. - Science

Other professors

  Prof. Toshiaki SUZUKI – Yokohama National University, Dr. - Engineering
  Prof. Hiroyuki OHTA – Tokyo Institute of Technology, Dr. - Agriculture
  Prof. Shigehiko KANEKO - The University of Tokyo, Dr. -Engineering (2013-2018)
  Associate Prof. Kumiko MORIMURA – The University of Tokyo, Dr - Interdisciplinary Information Studies (2013-2018)